Free eBook : Microsoft’s Journey From Agile To DevOps

DevOps : A Philosophy or High Speed Software Delivery


In my culture, there is a old wise proverb, that says “When the son of a king is being instructed, you the servant listen also”.  There is no better way to describe this new e-book recently launched by Microsoft Developer Division, detailing recommendations and lessons learnt over decades on how Software Developers can improve their practises. It’s Microsoft simply saying to developers, this is how we build killer software!

Microsoft Developer teams have built and continue to build software that is used by millions (if not billions) or people around the world. Therefore over the years, they have developed practices, philosophies and techniques that have helped them to build extremely reliable and efficient software that thousands of organizations depend on daily for mission critical operations. Therefore, as a means of giving back to the community, Microsoft has launched a new project called DevOps, which shares their biggest “trade secrets” if you like, on what practices they use to build great software and the philosophy behind those practices, which, best of all, can be emulated and adopted by me and you!

DevOps is also the philosophy and strategies that led to the development of the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). which is a suite of agile software development and project management tools, which can be plugged-in into Visual Studio, to help speed up the development and delivery of features. DevOps is a really a movement and a culture that, if adopted, will radically transform the software development culture and practises of many organizations. Expect me to blog more about this topic going forward.

Finally, to download the free DevOps e-book : “Our Journey to Cloud Cadence, Lessons Learned at Microsoft Developer Division”, you can click here.


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