OneNote adds more partners – cloudHQ, Equil and WordPress

OneNote takes Note Taking To The Next Level



This is probably my first blog on OneNote, however I’m very excited all the same as I’ve embarked on an exciting journey with OneNote. I’m a Developer & Blogger, therefore note taking is an important part of my work. After 3 years of using Evernote, OneNote’s biggest rival, I must saving my move to OneNote has been an absolute pleasure and I’m excited by OneNote’s ecosystem expansion by partnering with cloudHQ, Equil and WordPress.



cloudHQ offers a cloud app integration for anyone that’s looking for an easy collaboration solution, and wants to keep everything safely backed up. A goo example would be an automatic sync of your OneNote notebook with a folder in Dropbox, or an account in Salesforce; either of which will let you view and edit your information, in real-time, with nothing to download. The challenge with many cloud storage users nowadays, is that an average tech-savvy user may have A Dropbox account, plus a Google Drive and also a OneDrive account. What cloudHQ does, is that it integrates your OneNote notes in all your cloud storage accounts in one go saving you the pain of manually syncing your OneNotes with all your online storage accounts manually.



Equil is company that’s building game changing technology that’s turning note taking on it’s head literally! The Equil Smartpen 2 and Smartmarker from Luidia are solutions to connect the physical surfaces of notepads and whiteboards to digital notebooks like OneNote. By connecting the Equil Note app with OneNote, you can easily keep all your notes together, whether you created them by writing on your Surface Pro 3, typing on your iPad, writing in your notebook, or sketching on a whiteboard.


This one is definitely my favourite. WordPress is not only the world’s largest blogging and publishing platform, WordPress is also content publishing engine that’s powering our blogging site Thanks to a new OneNote plug-in for WordPress, now bloggers can send thoughts, ideas and notes prepared in OneNote and send them to WordPress. How it works is that you simply author your posts in OneNote, then in WordPress, click the OneNote button and your content is added.


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