Understanding Visio 2013 Editions

Know Which Version Works Best  For You


Many organizations are looking to Microsoft Visio to take care of ever increasing diagramming requirements to talk to many organizational needs ranging from business work flow processes, human resource management to more technical issues which include business analysis, database and software design. Thankfully Visio 2013, Microsoft’s latest premium diagramming software comes with a large selection of stencils and and templates which  cover a wide range of needs. The tricky  part about Visio, is knowing which version works best for you.

Released in January 2013,  Visio 2013 comes  in 3 flavours, which are  : Microsoft Visio Standard 2013, Microsoft Visio Professional 2013 and Microsoft Visio Pro for Office 365. Even though these 3 versions shape the primary feature set, they contain important differences and target certain audiences, which is something one must consider before making any financial investment in the chosen product. As most users are mostly interested to know what diagrams they can produce using Visio, below is a few comparison tables:

Business Diagrams


Software and Database



Network & Schedule


Just by going through these basic Stencil Comparison tables, one can clearly see that the Visio Standard 2013, even though being the cheapest flavour (about US$299 per licence), is clearly very limited in functionality.  It’s advisable to invest in Visio Professional 2013 for slightly more than double the investment (US$589) to get a better ROI. For an exhaustive comparison list of all Visio editions, click here

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