Visual Studio Code Launched for OS X, Linux and Windows

Now You Can Develop For .NET Where You Are


Thinking of building your .NET app on your Apple Mac? Trying out ASP.NET development, but you run on Ubuntu or an alternative Linux flavour? Well, no problem, now you can build .NET apps irrespective of the operating system you are running on your PC, thanks to Visual Studio Code!

Ladies and gentlemen, once again the rules have been re-written. Microsoft has finally launched its first true cross-platform code editor. This is one of the major ground-breaking announcements made at the Build developer conference in San Francisco yesterday. Microsoft’s flagship code editor Visual Studio Professional, still runs on Windows only. Hence that has been a barrier over the years for developers who do not necessarily use the Windows Operating System, yet wanted to try a hand at building a .NET application.

Visual Studio Code offers developers built-in support for multiple languages. The editor features rich code assistance and navigation for all of these languages. JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js and ASP.NET 5 developers will also get a set of additional tools. The editor features all of the standard tools you would expect from a modern code editor, including syntax highlighting, customizable keyboard bindings, bracket matching and snippets

With this development, the statement “bring your own device” is slowly becoming a reality for developers around. Hence no-matter what operating system you are using, you can now build .NET applications there!

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