Internet Explorer Successor Announced

Successor : Microsoft Edge


Microsoft’s Build Conference got underway today in San Francisco, Carlifonia, and boy were they explosive announcements made. The first and most important announcement made is that the days of the browser Internet Explorer are over!

I hate to say this among Internet Explorer fans, but I cant hide my excitement that as a developer, the days of dealing with the pains of Internet Explorer will be a thing of the past. As the Developer community, we had been aware for sometime that Microsoft was working on a project code-named  “Spartan” which would usher in a successor to Microsoft’s flagship browser, but now the long wait is over.

Even though the folks at MS are not telling all, they have already released a sneak peak of the new browser that will ship with Microsoft’s soon to be released Windows 10. Truth be told, news of a new browser from Microsoft is bitter sweet. For developers, this is an opportunity to build web experiences that users will enjoy when they switch over to Windows 10. However this also raises many questions as to whether the browser will be compatible with a wide array for client script libraries like JQuery, AngularJS and Knockout JS? It remains to be seem, how the new browser will fare against stiff competition from Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For now, its worth celebrating the arrival of Microsoft Edge!


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