How To Become A Microsoft Certified Developer

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Become Microsoft Certified


After finishing running a week-long MVC training course (Course 20486B), I had an interesting “good-bye” discussion with the delegates about what their plans are pertaining to actually sitting for the Microsoft exam and booking for the next training. The responses I got were very interesting! Continue reading

5 Excel features you may not know about

Sparklines, Conditional Formatting, Slicers and a few simple but useful formulas you may not have noticed.


Sparklines, first introduced in Excel 2010, are charts that provide simple visualization representations of trends across a row of your data—in a single worksheet cell. Sparklines offer excellent real-estate savings on crowded dashboard worksheets and can be extremely insightful for the amount of space used. This feature is unbelievably cool and ridiculously simple to use. And yet, not many analysts capitalize on these powerful tiny charts.

To create your own Sparklines, select the data range and on the ribbon click Insert and then select the Sparklines type—Line, Column or Win/Loss.  Next enter the target range where you want the Sparkline displayed. That’s all there is to it.


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