Dropbox Comes To Microsoft Office Online

Some Partnerships Not Only Make Sense, They Actually Improve Users Productivity!



Microsoft announced on the 9th of April 2015 that Office Online users can now link their Dropbox accounts to Office Online and be able to browse, open and edit Office files when using the Webified version of Office. Now with this new partnership users can now create Office documents in Office Online and save them directly in Dropbox! The best news is, the feature is now available to all Office Online users

The partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox really started a few years ago, which culminated in a major announcement in late 2014 that allowed users to access Dropbox directly from Office applications installed on their devices and edit those Office files inside the Dropbox app. Those capabilities rolled out for Dropbox users on iOS and Android. Dropbox also has developed, as promised last fall, apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets.

So now because of the integration between Microsoft and Dropbox, users can  now enjoy the best of both worlds, and increase their productivity

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