Google Apps and Office 365 Compared

Two Giants, Subtle Differences



Google’s Apps For Business and Microsoft’s Office 365 are the 2 biggest cloud – based office productivity suites on the market. While both solutions provide similar offerings, most people often are not aware of the primary differences between the two products and which context best fit each of these solutions from the world’s biggest software vendors. Here follows a comparison:




From the diagram above you can see how the 2 offerings compare and what similarities they share. To that end, it is important to note further that:

  • Microsoft offers 1TB storage per user, but has previously announced an unlimited plan. Google offers unlimited storage for business plans with more than five users.
  • Both offer online and mobile apps. Microsoft’s published plans make mobile apps available to only certain plans, but that appears to be changing rapidly.
  • The entry-level pricing for both products are roughly similar, but Google maxes out per user at $100 per year, while Microsoft maxes out at $250 per year with a fully loaded enterprise plan.

So what’s the conclusion? If you want the powerful desktop apps, then Office 365 is where you want to go. But only a few people in your organization will need that capability (or that overhead). If you want a simpler, but in some ways more limited, offering, Google is the winner. Price-wise, they’re about the same, unless you max out all the high-end enterprise accounts, in which case, Microsoft will cost more than twice that of Google.

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