The Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks

Plenty of Options Available, The Choice Is Yours


Lately in my line of work, which is training and software development using the latest technologies, HTML5, CSS3, MVC, C# and SQL Server, I keep on noticing a keen interest by the delegates on mobile app development, especially around what tools are available out there that target mobile app development. This persistent interest simply tells me that now we are living in the age of the mobile app!

The first question to ask when it comes to developing a mobile app is “On what platform do you want to publish your app?”. The usual answer I get to such a question is “All the platforms”, or more specifically “Google Play, Windows Store and iOS”.

Therefore in that case, its best that you choose a Hybrid Mobile App Framework instead of a Native Mobile App Framework simply because the former option allows you to build the app using simple HTML, HTML5, Javascript and CSS and allows you to deploy the app on all the leading platforms at a click of a button, whereas with Native App Frameworks, you have to learn a programming language to build the app e.g C# if you want to build Windows Store Apps. Hence, having said all this, lets take a look at the leading Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks on the market:



IONIC is one of the most promising HTML 5 mobile application frameworks. Built using SASS, it provides many UI components to help develop rich and interactive apps. It uses the JavaScript MVVM framework,AngularJS to power apps

Mobile Angular UI


Mobile Angular UI is an HTML 5 framework which uses bootstrap 3 and AngularJS to create interactive mobile apps.

Intel XDK


Intel XDK is a cross platform application tool developed by Intel. Getting started with Intel XDK is easy, all you need is to download their application which is free and available for Linux, Windows and Mac. It provides a number of templates to get started and supports a number of UI frameworks such as Twitter bootstrap, jQuery Mobile and Topcoat.

Sencha Touch


Sencha Touch is an HTML 5 mobile app framework for creating apps for several platforms including iOS, Android and Blackberry. It has been in existence for some years now and is popular among hybrid mobile application developers.

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