Free eBook – .NET Technology Guide for Business Applications

Essential Guide For Enterprise Decision Makers and Software Architects


One of the most important process undertaken by any Software Development Team, at the beginning of a project, is to make a decision as to which technology and approach to use in the software development process. Often times such decisions are often made by software developers simply because the Project Managers are not quite knowledge on that subject matter. This book is designed to equip Project Managers & decision makers with such knowledge

Often times if Software Developers are left to decide what technology they want to use or adopt when building a software application, in many cases such decisions are subjective. The size of the software development team and the common skills in the team often have a heavy bearing on which direction to take. The decision should ideally be based on “What is the best technology to use in order to meet the business requirement”. The purpose of this book is to help key decision makers to answer such a question when choosing which Microsoft .NET technology to use inorder to me the business requirements.

The book is available for download here.


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