MEAN : One Language To Rule Them All

End-To-End Javascript Development


I have always been a Javascript fan. I effortlessly advocate for Javascript when chatting to peers and students as I firmly believe JavaScript is the way of the future. Nowadays my apps are usually 80% Javascript and 20% code-behind (C#, VB.NET or Java). My goal is to end up with a 95% Javascript and 5% code-behind split, no, but wait, now with MEAN I can now build 100% Javascript apps!

So what is MEAN? MEAN is simply an acronym that stands for four technologies which are:

All these technology are independent and specialist Javascript technologies but they can be used together to produce a solid software development stack or bundle much in the same way as Linux, Apache, MySql and PHP were bundled together to create the LAMP stack which is now used to power millions of websites and web applications around the world. The diagram below show how the MEAN stack in an app handles an http request as it comes into the browser, processes it and returns a result back to the browser, all powered by Javascript.



To learn morea about MEAN development and perhaps see its capabilities, visit or read up the many blogs on the topic available online.

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