Exclusive : Samsung Galaxy S6 To Ship With Microsoft Office 365

Hold Off Purchasing Another Smartphone For Now!


Yep, you got it. Big news is expected at the March 1 2015 Barcelona Samsung Conference. Nobody quite saw it coming, however its pretty much old news now that Samsung has not been great at making compelling software that matches up with its best in class hardware products

Considering the sluggish smartphone sales recorded in the last quarter of 2014, as Apple’s launch of the iPhone 6 took centre stage, Samsung is preparing to deliver a compelling offering to the global smartphone market as it unveils its next flagship Galaxy S phone. To achieve that, Samsung, as word has it, has teamed up with Microsoft, to scale back (if not totally exclude) all the Samsung preloaded apps like S Voice, S Health, S Note or Scrapebook (which most people hardly ever use anyway) and replace them with the Office 365 suite of mobile apps which include OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile, and will come complete with a free 365 subscription of indeterminate duration. Skype will also come pre-loaded on the phones.

For Microsoft, this development is an instant gain as it will provide a kind of reach that Windows Phone has not managed to achieve until  now and especially among  the Android and Apple fans.  As Microsoft refocuses with special attention to its software and services division, doing this kind of thing will allow it to raise awareness among a whole new generation of users.

So there you have it. Keep on the look out for the Samsung 1 March Barcelona conference which sure promises to be a game changer!







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