Career and Personal Mastery Mentorship Training Program.

“If we did the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” These are the words of Thomas Edison, yet our beliefs and our habits often get in the way of our greatness.

Hands Trimming Plants

There is an element of life that we are not taught in any curriculum at school or at any tertiary institution. This element is the aspect of Personal Mastery. We are taught to set our goals up to the point of reaching our goal, but we are not taught how to shift our intention from “goal setting to, to goal setting through”.

Furthermore, we are also not taught how to overcome obstacles when they do occur. If we are truly honest with ourselves, there is one aspect of life that we have no control over and that is life itself. Life happens, regardless. What makes the difference is how to react when life happens and continuously chase our goals and our dreams. Provided that we truly know what our goals and dreams are?

So how do we overcome those obstacles when they do occur? How do we call on our greatest knowledge resource (our self) in times when it is most needed? And how do we set our goals and dreams in such a way that we can effectively articulate, communicate and execute on our futures.

There is a solution, and that is to live a solution focused life, in all aspects of each individual life. This can be achieved through effective self-coaching mechanisms and tools.

The Career and Personal Mastery Mentorship Training Program is a career orientated empowerment program that will teach individuals some of the tools of the coaching trade that will ensure long lasting career success and continuity. Although the objective of the training program is to support delegates to make the best of their careers, the tools learned will also assist delegates to overcome obstacles in their personal lives and strive for Personal Mastery.

The topics covered in the programs is as follows:

  1. The Pendulum of Life – Dealing with Obstacles through a KITE
  2. Personal Power Formula – P = R + C
  3. Mentors Motivation – An effective Self-Help Tool
  4. Goal Setting – The Shift from “To” 2 “Through”
  5. 7 Step Dream Builder Workshop
    1. Identity
    2. Vision
    3. Voice
    4. Relate
    5. Truth
    6. Power
    7. Action

All of the above topics are covered with real life practical examples and in class exercises.

Give yourself and others the gift of “Unlocking your own Personal Greatness”.

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