Attention Businesses: Sponsored internships by Microsoft

Student to Business: Microsoft Internship training


 Plant the Seeds of Success

Developing Skills in Africa

Microsoft Internship

Value: R30 000 / student (no cost to you)


Cultivate the best student talent to grow your business – today and for the future This Internship Program is designed to connect students with Businesses for entry-level jobs and internships. The program is open to any graduate interested in a career in technology. These jobs require a range of technical and creative skills and the personal passion for innovation. Students engaged in S2B benefit from unique training and certification opportunities, compliments of LGIT Smart Solutions and Microsoft. Book at LGIT Smart Solutions  |   |   011-802 1636   |  

Best Student Talent to

Grow your Business

No cost to you  |  Value: R30 000 per student


Responsibility of business:

  • Select a student suitable for fixed term employment for 12 months.
  • Provide relevant experience to the student within the organisation with the intention of each student adding value to the business as soon as possible after completion of the training.
  • Responsible for the salary (which must be in compliance with labour laws) of the student during the internship programme.

View the Microsoft Information Leaflet


Provide 1 Year Work Experience    |     Minimum R3 500 / month salary


LGIT Smart Solutions

Sponsored Certification Training for Interns

MTA  |  MCSD |  MCSA | MCSE | Business Skills

One thought on “Attention Businesses: Sponsored internships by Microsoft

  1. Great initiative Microsoft. With graduates unable to secure jobs and the alarming rate of unemployed, keep it up. Hope it can roll out to other straw like Malawi.

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