Further Education : Make It Your Business

Don’t Stop, Keep Going!

In this my last blog post for 2014, I thought of end of on a personal note. One pre-training routine I follow religiously, as well as my other fellow Trainers, is to do a round of introductions with all the students. As part of the introductions, I request each student to explain why they took up the training course in question and what their expectation is. The responses I get are always very interesting!

One of the earliest luminaries of continuous personal development, Earl Nightingale suggests that we are now living the Psychozoic Era, the Age of the Mind, which for most of us would like to call the Information Age. It follows then, that in such a dispensation of time, how far your career takes you in terms of achievement and success simply depends on how far your mind can take you! Which is why  it is absolutely critical that after acquiring the relevant tertiary qualification that will catapult you into the industry of your calling, you may continue to further educate yourself so that you keep on progressing until you reach your intended maxim of achievement.

So when you come to LGIT Training Solutions, we are not only interested in delivering the knowledge you need to acquire the relevant skills you are aspiring for, it is also our interest to ensure that we deliver high quality training that can empower you to take the leap forward to your next career achievement. A fired-up passionate student is an inspirational student who can even enhance the quality of training delivered.

So make it your new year resolution to get the training that you need to take your career to the next level. As an IT Training Provider, LGIT Training Solutions has a variety of courses available that can give you the skills that will advance your career. We also offer a variety of ITIL Certified Business Courses that can complement your technical skills and prepare you to take on managerial responsibilities. Ultimately lifelong education is your responsibility so make it count!


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