Build Your First Mobile App in 2015 Using Xamarin

One Solution Multiple Platforms


Ever wondered what is the mobile penetration in Africa? An article on TechCrunch, a reputable blog site suggests that in 3.5 years time, most Africans will be owning smartphones.

Going in even closer home, a recently completed survey suggests that the mobile penetration in South Africa is now about 133%, which outpaces the mobile uptake in some developed markets. A mobile penetration of 133% means that practically speaking now everybody owns a mobile phone and a good number actually own more than one sim card at a time and quite possibly more than one device at a time. That’s a huge opportunity waiting to be tapped.

If a .NET Software Developer wants to try a hand a building a native mobile phone app for the first time, I recommend using Xamarin. Xamarin is a framework for cross-platform mobile app development in C#. The way it works is simple – you write one shared C# codebase with full access to all SDK possibilities and native UI creation mechanisms, and the result you get is a mobile app that looks and feels completely native. But that’s not all, when you are done developing your app, from the same codebase  you can deploy your app to iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Meaning that you don’t have to learn a new programming language for iOS, or Android. You use good old C#!


Xamarin is based on an open-source implementation of .NET called Mono. This implementation includes its own C# compiler, development environment and main .NET libraries. Xamarin also uses what a are called PCLs (Portable Class Libraries) which you can use to create portable assemblies that can target multiple platforms. Xamarin also has its own store with third-party components – Xamarin Components. It is integrated in the IDE and it allows adding different components, written by Xamarin experts as well as third-party developers.

There is so much to learn about mobile app development, and Xamarin makes the job easier for you and definitely cuts your software development time by a huge margin. So build your first mobile app in 2015 using Xamarin!


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