Make Better Presentations In 2015 Using Sway

New Addition To Microsoft Office Family


Recently, while attending a Think Tank meeting, the speaker got onto the podium and projected his first Powerpoint slide. Immediately upon doing so, a senior member in the audience exclaimed “Gees man, that’s an awesome Powerpoint design. Where did you get it from?” I will leave it to you to imagine how satisfied the speaker was. to get such a compliment way before he even started his presentation. Now that’s the power of presentation! You can win the hearts and minds of your audience simply by presenting your information well.

The folks at Microsoft, understand this principle, hence they recently launched Sway, a content aggregation and presentation app. Microsoft’s CEO touts Sway as one of the apps that is indicative of Microsoft’s new focus on productivity. Sway allows users to choose a variety of layout types, to showcase their photos and accompanying text. The completed digital output that Sway users create are called “Sways.”. Users’ sways are stored in Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Photos used to create Sways are saved in Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage app.

The purpose of Sway is really to remove the complexity involved in building great presentation digital content. So if you find it hard to prepare great PowerPoint Presentations in reasonable time, then give Sway a go. Types of projects that lend themselves to sways are book reports, Web sites or even marketing brochures and other small-business-focused content. To learn more about how Sway works, watch the video clip put together by Microsoft

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