What Is Node.js and why should I care?

Turning JavaScript On Its Head


Once in a while technology, as we have come to know it, gets turned on its head. When that happens, you got 2 options, 1) Ask why the technology has changed so much 2) Keep calm and keep up to speed with the change. My suggestion is that you go for option 2. A case in point would be Javascript, the client-scripting language we love so much. Who would have known that one day C# and VB.NET Javascript would run our back-end code? Enter Node.js, the game changing platform that will change your definition of Javascript.

Started in 2009, Node.js is a platform built around Google Chrome super-fast V8 Javascript engine, to create lightweight , fast, scalable, event driven and non-blocking I/O applications. Node.js is great for steaming or event-based real-time applications like:

  • Chat Applications
  • Real time applications and collaborative environments
  • Game servers
  • Ad Servers
  • Stream Servers

However the ultimate beauty in all this is that you can build these cutting-edge real-time applications using Javascript. This means you don’t have to learn a new programming language. Node.js gives you the platform to take your Javascript skills to the next level.



As a .NET Developer you may be interested in knowing that you can deploy your Node.js app to Azure, which provides full support for the Node.js platform. You can learn more about how to configure your Node.js app in Azure by visting the Azure Node.js Developer Centre. You can also learn more about Node.js at the Microsoft Virtual Academy which runs a free Online Course : Building Apps with Node.js Jump Start. Take your Javascript skills to the next level today with Node.js!

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