Visual Studio 2015 Preview : Connected Cloud Services

Built From The Cloud Up!


Microsoft recently released a Preview version of Visual Studio 2015, the next-generation software development platform. With this iteration, Microsoft once again leads the way in mapping out the future of software development. In my previous posts I highlighted that one key area that will drive the future of Microsoft’e efforts will the be the cloud, and Visual Studio 2015 underscores that push for the cloud!

One trend that increasingly will become important in the near future, at least from a South African perspective, is the ability to build apps that can easily connect to public and private cloud hosted services. Such services will be hosted on large-scale structured cloud platforms like Azure. To that end, Microsoft is preparing developers for such a reality by the introduction of Connected Services in Visual Studio 2015. So how do we access this feature?

Once you installed Visual Studio 2015, to view a list of services available for your project, right-click on the References node in Solution Explorer and choose Add Connected Service.



In the service selection page, select the service you want to consume. Let’s take a look at each of the options from this dialog: Azure Storage, Azure Mobile Services, Office 365, and Salesforce.



From the preview above you can see that the foundation has been laid for seamlessly consuming cloud services in your app. In the near future many apps will trade in their local SQL Server database connection for Azure Storage Connected Service plugins. Now building apps has become a whole lot easier. What opportunities do you think Connected Services provide for you?

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