15 Super Search Tricks

15 Super Smart Tricks To Help You Search For What You Want On Google

Google search need not be complicated. Google search is very efficient, when you know what you’re doing.For example, simply type in the word ‘weather’ followed by a zip code and the weather in any area will pop up. That is only one of the top ways to simplify your search in seconds. Google search really does make searching easier, especially when the user knows how to make the search more efficient.


1. Search with a specific site

Skip all the ads and do a site specific search. For example, I typed in site:lgit.co.za “MCSA” and every MCSA article on our site popped right up.

Search Specific Site

2. Reverse image search

Reverse Image search allows you to search with any image.

  1. Visit images.google.com or click the camera icon camera icon in the search box on any Images results page.
  2. Click Upload an image.
  3. Click Choose file.
  4. Select the image from your computer.

Reverse Image Search

3. Comparisons

Use vs to compare products or applications or products. Al kinds of reviews will pop up in seconds. For example, the search below was for Hyper-V vs VMware.

Comparison Search

4. Widen Image Search

Once at Google Images click search tools and a menu will drop down. Then click type and check face, photo, clip art, line drawing, or animated. This is a great tool, especially when searching for something a little different.

Widen Image Search

5. Filter Results In Real-Time

Google search lets you search up to within the hour or the year or customize the dates. All you have to do is click search tools and then the time window will drop down. You can search “past hour”, “past year” ect. for a search term and choose your country to search for local results.

Time Search

6. Define A Word

Google search can define a word in mere seconds. Just type in define and the word you need defined will be displayed.

Define Word Search

7. Find The Exact Phrase

You can find the exact phrase with Google Search. All you have to do is put the phrase in quotes and hit enter.

Phrase Search

8. Exclude Words From Search

Use the minus sign before a word to delete from a search. For example, we did a search for “Microsoft azure course – cape town.”

Omit Word Search

9. Search For A Product Within A Price Range

Google search makes it easy to find the right product for the best price. Type in the name of the product and then the range with (. . .).  Our example was a tablet between R1000…R2500.

Search Price Range

10. Search Using Blanked Terms

Use an * to blank out specific words for a more refined search. Google search will pull up the search term without all of the words. Our example was how to * a database.

Search Blanked Terms

11. Find Items By File Type

Google search lets you find anything by file type. All you have to do is type in the search term followed by filetype:doc or filetype:ppt or filetype:pdf or filetype:xls or any type of file.

Search FileType

12. Timer

Need a timer?  Google search can help. All you have to do is enter the search term, set a timer, and a timer automatically pops up.

Search Timer

13. Convert Currency

Simply type in the currency you have, add the word to, and your destination. Google converts the money equivalence in seconds.

Search Currency

14. Web Title Search

Type the words, allintitle: along with the word or person you are searching for. All sites with that particular word will pop up.


15. For Advanced Users

I saved the best for last 😉 http://www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html

Google Guide

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