15 Super Search Tricks

15 Super Smart Tricks To Help You Search For What You Want On Google

Google search need not be complicated. Google search is very efficient, when you know what you’re doing.For example, simply type in the word ‘weather’ followed by a zip code and the weather in any area will pop up. That is only one of the top ways to simplify your search in seconds. Google search really does make searching easier, especially when the user knows how to make the search more efficient.


1. Search with a specific site

Skip all the ads and do a site specific search. For example, I typed in site:lgit.co.za “MCSA” and every MCSA article on our site popped right up.

Search Specific Site

2. Reverse image search

Reverse Image search allows you to search with any image.

  1. Visit images.google.com or click the camera icon camera icon in the search box on any Images results page.
  2. Click Upload an image.
  3. Click Choose file.
  4. Select the image from your computer.

Reverse Image Search

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