70+ Great Examples of 404 Page Design

If you do not have an error page on your blog or website or a very boring one, you may have a potential problem. In some cases, having a good and effective 404 page can be as important as great content. There are situations where visitors landing on the 404 page is not your fault. However, when it happens you have the possibility to offer options and redirect them back to your site. This gives your website a second chance to reengage them. A 404 page with a good design will help you do just that. Otherwise a hit on the 404 will typically equal a lot visitor.

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It is a common issue that 404 pages are not taken into account when producing design and content for a new website. You may think that everything has been covered. Think again! You have the chance to make use of your error page and take advantage of a professional and well-planned 404 page design. Problem with the 404 page is that it is not visible in the web project unless you accidentally type in a wrong URL as part of your test. Therefore you need to know how important it is and how to handle it.

You have a couple of options when it comes to 404 page design. Because technically it is a page that is reached by a visitor when the resource requested is not found, you could make your error page functional and provide good options to help. You could add a sitemap, a search function, a list of popular pages etc. – all solutions that may help your visitors get back to on track. Another option that seems to be fancied by many is to make the 404 page funny and creative. A bit of humor may help the situation and give the visitor a smile… and hopefully energy to look for the right page on your site. It could be an amazing picture or illustration or a page that people will be desperate to return to.



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