Five more apps for screen capture in Windows

1_frame_handsYou can never have too many options for something as seemingly pedestrian as taking pictures of your desktop and windows. In this article, I take you through 5 good tools you can use to capture screen grabs from your Windows computer :

1. PickPic

This one definitely caught my attention amongst the suggested apps to look at. In addition to effectively snapping in whatever I desired, I could also send files directly over FTP to a remote server, enable automatic file naming (which can include the time, date and computer name), and a plethora of functions which can easily be mapped to hotkeys. Heck, there’s even a protractor tool, for measuring angles of objects on screen! A fresh and modern user interface is a nice added touch as well. PickPic is definitely made out to be a winner. PickPic is free for personal use, with a license fee required for commercial use, starting at $21.99 a copy with volume discounts.


2. FullShot

Part of a good screen capture product is the ability to stay out of the way and be easy to access at all times. FullShot aims to accomplish this task, by integrating key options, like dialog and desktop capture, straight onto the title bars of any window. Need to snap a shot of an error message dialog? No need to precision aim your mouse over the message. Simply click the “W” button and your dialog box will be sent over to the editor just like that. The shortcut buttons don’t show up on the resulting output either. FullShot is available for a 30-day trial period, with full usage licenses starting at $49.99.


3. FastStone

So everyone knows that you can capture content that is directly visible on-screen. But not everyone knows that tools like FastStone can fully capture documents and webpages, including off-screen content. In addition to regular image snagging capabilities, you can acquire an image of an entire scrolling file or online resource with a few simple button clicks. The process can be automatic or you can perform a custom scroll operation, so that only the content you scroll to will be copied out. FastStone is available for a 30-day trial period, then for $19.95 thereafter.


4. PrintKey-Pro

File this one under the oldie-but-goodie department. Based on its popular predecessor, PrintKey2000, PrintKey-Pro is a rather capable app. With regular, selection, and timer-delay capture also comes configurable hotkeys and an accessible system tray icon for good measure. You can also print directly to a printer after capture and send through email right from the main window too. PrintKey-Pro is available for a 30-day trial period, then for $19.95 thereafter.


5. Ashampoo Snap 6

And lastly, Ashampoo, a purveyor of fine software products, with generous free licensing for older versions of their commercial titles, offers the minimalistic Snap 6. You can access all capture functionality through a toolbar that tucks itself away at the top of your screen. You can capture video, scrolling pages of content in web browsers, enhanced image editing, and multi-shot. Snap 6 is available as trialware for 40-days, then $19.99 for use thereafter.


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