Mind Mapping for Software Developers . . . .and everybody else!

XMindOne of the biggest weakness of many good developers today is not allocating enough time to planning, before getting buried in hundreds of lines of code.  Indeed the marketplace has changed significantly in recent times where Software Developers are now required to increasingly display strong project management skills. Most Businesses Analysts and Project Managers alike nowadays want to keep a close tab on each step of the software development  so as to ensure that deadlines will be met and that the software developer will not go off on a tangent and develop very cool features not related to the needs of the business. So how can Software Developers really dread enjoy project management as much as they enjoy writing code? What great tool can set them on the right path quickly?

Enter, XMind, the leading, free and very powerful mind mapping software on the web. XMind helps you to shape your thoughts quickly and easily before jumping into code. Not only do Project Managers and Business Analysts love it, it will help you to improve the quality of your work and time management. With XMind you can quickly translate your thoughts into a mind map chart, you could also create other useful charts like Gantt charts, Fishbone charts, SWOT charts, Matrixes you name it. So go ahead and try it!

Blog Post by Farai

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