In-Memory OLTP with SQL Server 2014

Solving Session Management Database Bottlenecks with In-Memory OLTP


The Application: A high volume website storing Session State in the database and running into latch contention and locking problems due to the number of concurrent users supported. As this database was a central, and mission critical, single point of scale for all web traffic it had become a performance bottleneck for the business.

Bottlenecks Experienced:

Latch contention: In some cases latching due to monotonical incremental keys (last-page insert) was a barrier to scale, other latching on intermediate pages also became an issue. This only allowed a certain amount of user traffic to be active at one time. The ability to scale and fully utilize the hardware resources were application bottlenecks.

Throughput/Latency: In other cases, while the application requirements were still around throughput and the number of concurrent users, the latency per business transaction also had an effect on the overall experience. Here reducing latency and increasing throughput was a primary goal.

Gains of 16x (from 15,000 to 250,000 batch requests/seq) with no application code changes

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