Microsoft ALM : The ultimate solution for managing your software development lifecycle

VSFor the past few decades with the explosion of software development as a major industry and ultimate engine driving the Information Age, many different software development life cycle management methodologies have come and gone.

The most popular SDLC methodology to date, undoubtedly used the world over is the Agile Software Development methodology, which comes in various flavours like scrum and kanban. Until recently a number of third party software providers have built software that helps teams to manage their software development lifecycles based on agile principle until Microsoft introduced Visual Studio ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tool that based on agile principles helps organizations manage the entire lifespan of application development.

Now, with the introduction of Visual Studio ALM you dont have to subscribe to a third party provider like Pivotal Tracker to help you keep track of your sprint velocity and burn down. You can now do everything within Visual Studio, thanks to Visual Studio ALM tools. Click here to learn more.

Blog Post by Farai

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