Formula Function in Microsoft Word Tables

Use the formula function in tables to do basic calculations directly in MS Word tables.

1. Open MS Word
2. Click on the Insert Tab
3. Click on Table
4. Select 2 columns and 5 rows
5. Enter the information as indicated below
6. Place your cursor in the cell to the right of the total
7. On the Table Tools Contextual tab select the Layout tab
8. In the data group click on the Formula icon
9.  Notice that =SUM(ABOVE) is displayed in the formula text box
10. Click in the Number format box and select 0.00 on the drop down arrow
11. Click on OK
12. Your answer will be displayed in the Cell

Item 1 251
Item 2 501
Item 3 325
Item 4 87
Total 1764.00


If any of the numbers change, right click on the answer and select Update field from the available options Your new answer will now be shown.

Blog Post by Thomas

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