Create and use custom lists

If you have lists you use on a regular basis you can create custom lists. You can now use these instead of using copy and paste to create the lists.

  • Open the Worksheet containing the list you want to use.
  • Highlight the whole list.
  • In Excel 2003 go to Tools/Options/Custom Lists and in 2007; click on the Office Button/Excel Options/Edit Custom Lists.
  • On the Custom List dialog box you will notice that the cells you have highlighted are displayed in the “Import list from cells” text box
  • Click on the Import button


  • Click on OK in the dialog box.
  • Click on the OK button in the Options Window.
  • Your list is now ready for use
  • To use the list.
  • Type one of the names in your list and press Enter. Select that cell and then use the AutoFill button to drag the selection as far as you have to complete the list.
  • You can create as many list as you require.

Blog Post by Thomas

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