Pivot Tables Advanced Calculations

Want to calculate in your Pivot Tables but don’t know how?  Let’s show you how easy it is!!

Follow the step by step instructions to calculate a 10% forecast for each month in the Pivot Table below.


Click your cursor in any value in the Pivot Table and click on the Options tab, then the Formulas drop down arrow and click on Calculated Field … button
2. Complete the details in the screen as follows (see graphic below)
a. Give your new Calculated Field a name, eg 2014 Forecast.
b. In the formula text box, double click on the value field name eg Amount and then type * 10% next to the name in the Formula text box.  Your formula will now say = Amount*10%.  Click on Add and then OK


Your Pivot Table will now have a Forecast column next to each month in the Table


To make your Pivot Table look really professional, learn how to rename each column and much, much more by contacting us to book on the Pivot Tables Advanced Course – coming soon, so book now to avoid disappointment!

Blog post by Jackie

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