Dual / Multi-boot using BCD edit with VHD


  • First, build your Virtual Hard Drive
  • Go to Command Prompt


BCDedit /export c:\bcd_backup


BCDedit /copy {current} /d “win7_from_VHD”

**Copy GUID generated – mark, enter**

BCDedit /set {fcf346e8-9339-11df-a313-00155d015307} device VHD=[d:]\Win7\win7.vhd

BCDedit /set {fcf346e8-9339-11df-a313-00155d015307} OSdevice VHD=[d:]\Win7\win7.vhd

BCDedit /set {fcf346e8-9339-11df-a313-00155d015307} detecthal on

  • Restart – Multi boot options display
  • If you messed up:

**Import from backup**

BCDedit /import c:\bcd_backup

CSS – Horizontal And Vertical Absolute Centre

Absolute Center works in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE8-10.
  • Responsive with percentages and min-/max-
  • Centred regardless of padding (without box-sizing)
  • Works great on images
  • Recommend setting overflow: auto to prevent content spillover
  • Doesn’t work on Windows Phone

.Absolute-Center {  

margin: auto;  

position: absolute;  

top: 0; left: 0; bottom: 0; right: 0;


More info on “Absolute Center” from Smashing Magazine …